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the aching heart
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11.01.2017, Wednesday, November 01, 2017
Pertama-tama agama itu mengenal Allah

Magrifat : - Ertinya "Mengenal"..Membezakan diantara Qadim dengan Muhadas

Qadim ertinya Allah Taala dan Muhadas ertinya si baru. (Kena jadi)

1.Apakah yang hendak dikenal dengan Allah Taala? Adakah kita mahu kenal dengan : Zatnya, rupanya kesannya dan daerahnya
*Kekuasannya, hukum dan undang2nya

2. Apakah pula kekuasaannya?
*Menjadikan alam ini atau tidak menjadikan (meninggalkan)

3.Apa hukum dan undang2nya tu?
*Seperti dalam Al-Quran misalnya halal haram makroh dan mubah jais.

4.Apa undang2 tu?
*Bnyk dlm al-Quran
-Undang2 nikah kahwin
-Jngn menyekutukan Tuhan
-Hormat kepada ibu bapa
-Berbuat kebajikan sesama manusia
-Jngn menzalimi orang

5.Apakah tandanya Allah Taala?
*ZAT, sifat, effeil, asmaknya,
-Baru dijadikan alam ini, bari kita kata tanda adanya Allah Taala itu baharu sekelian alam.
Maksudnya : - Selain daripada Allah Taala itu baru kena jadi- hancur binasa
3.23.2017, Thursday, March 23, 2017
"It's scary that you never know what someone is thinking or feeling towards you and everything that they say could be one massive lie." The most frequent statement that I've been hold for years. Hell yah it pretty obvious from my experianced itself that there's no such thing as an eternal friend or an eternal enemy until I found this "Quack" for my next trial in controlling one heart's for the good side. This guy is unlike any other which adored by others even he is a complete player. Incredible isn't it? Well, perhaps his honesty make everyone put him above of all and putting that dark side of him aside. - 90% Musicians Approval.

Benda paling takle blah, he is my 2nd Ex doppelganger! Carl Samaniego! Remember? My first sight of him when he was performing as Jazz Pianist (Forum or Recital I'm not pretty sure) There there, that was how my friends crazy over him "Wehhhh siapa budak tu.Handsome bak hang" "Kyaaaa, jazz! Jazz iz life. Gary is life" . I got so irritated by those noisy fangirls, mcm haram memekak for me to sleep sambil layan his performing. After a minute, I was curious who was the guy yang diorang dok ship sangat tu, *pakai speck* and blurp!! "WEHHHH, IS THAT CARL!?" hahahaha. And I asked my friend that guy tu orang mana apa smua, bila cakap "Sabah bah." Ohh, lega sbb bukan my Ex pun kah3x! Since by then, I had to tahan my ears to hear my friends story-mory about Gary. Heeee, letih serious letih. Setiap kali terserempak mesti my friend menggelintis, then excessively stalk him for 3 months. How weirdo it is, he used to by my friend's crush and I only see him as another weirdo stranger back then... and now he is the one who officialy become my scandal number20 (sebenarnya nombor tiga from my faculty, tapi the other two before takpernah declare pun. Yg ni first time) Not even thought about it, and my friend pun tak pernah cuba cuba untuk approach dia walaupun her crush for him was..... keboooom. See, totally unpredicatable, life is truly a mysterious thing. Even beauty and the best can hold a surprise *Apa kena mengena?*

(Hold on, stop updating.... Imma let Gary know that I updated bout him on my blog. Walaupun belum habis tulis lagi)

(Okay dah inform, and he is still waiting)
(Okay, he cakap "che typo konon" ... Tak percaya sudah. Org tengah cari motivation kejap ni nak proceed your cerita haha)

"I'm glad I have you now", first question yang crossed my mind was "Tak, perempuan mana lagi dia pernah ckp cenggini. Acah jee, haha" :P Here how the game started.

He is a guy who values trust but abhors being blindly accepted, especially in RS (Relationship)

Asalnya, kami rapat disebabkan he replied to my photos about my ex scandal.(Thru Dm's) Then, I gave him my cellphone number to cerita the problem.

I wonder if I'll be able to become more like you if I work at it.eh ? No no.. I shouldnt foold myself. I know that's impossible

I think that was a little shameless of me
I did something very shameful as girlfriend
Before this i sought for help at everywhere

I feel much more optimistic after talking to you

My role model.. Is offering to give me advice?
I feel safe to tell him

And just with those words n his smile alone, he gives me the push i need to move forward

If u could put it to good use
i can't handle not seeing him
I get the feeling I'm using up all the happiness alloted for my lifetime

i know you're probably tired of hearing this,but.. i really have to say this..thank youu

Im a lik sad i dont get to share dissapoinment or happines w ppl during times like these

i'm sorry for doing something unsightly

i didn't tell a single lie

it's the first i've had a night like this
"what in God's name hve u done"
The ideal boy i wish to become is standing right in front of me

Thanks for before

That's bcause i decided not to lie to u

im so glad i was able to meet him

i hope that someday. i'll be able to act like him
Ty for not making my life meaningless
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